Natural Salt Rock Lamp

Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

Rock Salt Lamps are made of natural salts which are found in rock shapes. The drilling and cutting of the rock is done very accurately so as to give the salt rock the shape of a lamp and also maintain all the natural properties of natural rock salt.

Salt Lamps are available in varied weights Starting From 2-3 Kg and up to 7-8 Kg weight and some even more heavier as per one’s requirement. The most commonly used Salt Lamps are approx 3 to 5 K.G. in weight.

Natural Benefits of Salt Lamp:

benefits of salt lamp

As mentioned earlier as well, these Lamps are not just good for Home Decratives, but in fact the Rock Salt has many Natural properties which gives lots of benefits to our surroundings. Also, it has a very special place in the Vaastu and Astrological purposes for natural remedies in our places. The noteworthy of its benefits are as follows:


Natural Air Purifier:

It helps to Naturally Purify the air around it.

Absorbs Negative Energy

Its always a known fact that Rock Salts helps to reduce the Negativity around it and when this salt is lit up with a bulb, its properties gets even more charged up and it works even more.

Improves Breathing

Since it helps purifying air around it, it also helps a smooth breathing.

Improves Sleep

Rock Salt Lamp makes a soothing effect in people minds and thus help sleep better.

Decrease Stress

With increased air quality and better quality of sleep, the day to day life stress is veru much absorbed, thanks to the salt lamps.

Mood Booster

It also helps to boost your energy and mood.

Salt Lamps are available in various Shapes and Sizes:

Rock Salt Lamp in Various Shapes

While the cutting of the rock salt is done, there are various types of shapes of the Salt Lamp which are derived out of it. The salt lamps are available in more than ten shapes but the most note worthy among them are the following shapes:

(1) Natural Rock Shape:

natural salt lamp

The most commonly used shape of the Salt Lamp is the Natural shape. This shape is also the cheapest among all the shapes available is there is very less wastage of raw material in it and also the labor time taken is also less hence the over all cost is lesser than any other shape.


In cylindrical shape salt lamps are given a shape of cylinder from outer surface and kept hollow from centre for the light bulbs and when the bulb is put on, the Cylindrical Shape Lamps looks really very pretty.

(3) Pyramid Shape

In pyramid shape lamps, the look is of triangle from each side of the lamp and when seen from the top, it looks like a pyramid.

(4) Fire Balls

fire ball salt lampFire Balls are also one of the most liked shapes of the Rock Salt Lamps. The main portion of the Lamp is in a shape of a Bog bowl and other small parts of the salt are kept in it in the form of small balls. When the light is lit, the small ball particles glow like fire balls.

(5) Aroma Diffuser

Rock Salt Lamp aroma diffuser in the shape of a cylinder but the top part of it is hollow and small bowl is attached with it where you can pour some aroma drops along with some water. when the bulb is lit, the light warmth of the salt diffuses the aroma slowly to spread the fragrance around the area.

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The summary: With all these benefits and advantages of the Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp, we can easily say that it is one of the best options for us as Unique Gift to our loved ones, Or a distinct item which can be used as a decoratives for home to improve our home decor.

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